Though I have hidden my faith my virtue can not be completely hidden.

Well its been awhile…

My, my, my its been quite a long time since my last post. Well I’ve been out of school for this semester evaluating my choices for majors. Trying to figure out what my focus will be in life. Still not sure what I wan’t to do, but nevertheless I am leaning towards teaching. But the cost of living these days make teaching less appealing. Taking that into consideration I really am at an impasse concerning my career choices. Well we’ll see as time passes by.

Another video of Winston ‘Wobbles’ Cheung doing his thing.  

Some pictures from Old Years Night of Wobbles and Bean. Next week you will see Wobbles Wobbling quite a sight. 

A new addition to the Cheung home called Woobles.

So on Old Years Day A.K.A New Years Eve I was introduced to a new member of my friends family. They call him Wobbles lol 

My cousins hamster named Bruce trying to run for freedom.



Some pictures of my friends dog named bean (I think he’s called that since he’s so small). Also some pictures of the trip back. Waiting for the bus at 5:30 in the morning is not for the weak of heart.